one year ago this happened... aniblog5.jpg {photo by donnie rubenack}

seriously the best day i've ever had. and not just to be cheesy. our wedding day was pure joy to me. i wasn't nervous or stressed*, just giddy.

trev is gone so we celebrated early last week... i surprised him with kendrick's and cake... oh, and beer... but that wasn't part of the sentiment.

aniblog3.jpg {notice the rockin' frame in the back? gift from manda made with m&m's from the wedding!} 

so i wasn't expecting much today...


gerberas, my favorite from t and cupcakes to pick me up from the girls at work!

and then! when i got home someone had a helper leave this on the counter...


have i told you trev sucks at secrets? pretty impressive, huh? plus there was a sweet email and an ecard... makes me wonder if he could top it if he was home!

my t'j, thank you for making sure i felt loved. i am truly blessed to be your wife. no one loves you like i do and i would choose you all over again. happy 1st. and as both you and mom said, only 49 to go! i love you madly and miss you insanely.

aniblog4.jpg {new years}

(love to have you ask trev his version!)