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You’ve read a bit about me and looked through my work (if not, please do!) and you’re feeling warm fuzzies! Yay! I am sincerely excited that I may be the photographer for you.


I am a lifestyle family photographer in the rockin’ town of Bellingham. I’ve also been blessed to capture families in the sparkly city of Seattle and the greater area – plus other fabulous places. (vacation session anyone?!) I photograph families in love, the real kind – smooched faces, tickle fights and “anyone say cream stroller?!?!”, way. You just may get that family photograph with everyone looking at the camera and smiling but it will be the in between moments I capture that will be the shots you fall in love with. We will most likely start in your home or plan an activity to make the time more fun and more you. What I love is connection. I will give you direction to get things flowing but the goal will be to hang out with your loves. It will be like a little snippet of your favorite kind of family day. The kind where you look at each other and say “how did we get so blessed?!” or “my kiddo is the most awesome human on earth!”

Let’s have some visuals, shall we? Here are a few sessions that showcase the love and the fun I want for you too.


Are you the Right Photographer for me?

Since my style and work is all about connection, it IS crazy important that you and I vibe. I genuinely love my clients. I'd like to believe the feeling is mutual. If reading about me has you feeling like we'd click, then the next hoop is loving the photos - do you wish it was your fmaily in those images? Yes?! Yay!

What are your prices?

It starts with a session fee of $325. Digital file otpions and books begin at $400 and prints start at $45. I'd love for you hit me up so I can send you the full pricing info! and please, sign up for the newsletter that will include first dibs on exclusive offers! (including the rare porch sessions that are short and sweet and discounted.)

What can I expect?

After you’ve contacted me, we will set up a time for a quick phone date. We’ll chat about session details and what you’re hoping to do with all the glorious photos we’ll make. (by the day of your session we will already feel like friends!) Then it will be time for playing, loving and giggling! We will make another date a few weeks later where I will show up at your door with treats and photographs that will make you goofy smile. I will help you place your order. A few weeks later you will have a final product in your hands! I will help the whole way and you will be relieved how easy the process is!

What do we wear?

Be you. But the you that feels more put together than your average “still in my workout clothes hoping i can escape for a run” you. I normally tell mom to choose an outfit first, because we are the toughest on ourselves and you should feel your most beautiful. Then coordinate out from there. I don’t believe in silly rules like no white or no logos, but I would encourage you not to match. My clients have great style so peruse the blog for ideas or check out this Pinterest board. And I am always happy to help. I’ve had many a styling sessions over text or email.


What if it rains?

And chances are pretty good for that around here. ha! We will decide together. If we’re going to have a snugly, lego building time at home and there is enough light – rain shmain! But if your heart is set on golden radiant images, we will pick another time – and it will totally be worth it!

Do you shoot weddings?

With my babes so little, taking a whole weekend day away from them is rare but I do take on a handful of weddings a year. You know, for the couples I really really like.

What’s your secret to photographing your own kids?

Fruit snacks. Terrible singing. And sometimes daddy’s bad dance moves.