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Life is Rad. Remember it.
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Life is


Remember it.

Fun lifestyle photography for rad families like yours.
Based in Bellingham, Washington




you love your babies. like LOVE them. you light up when they walk in a room and you might even miss them durning nap time.
(oh but please, won’t they just let you miss them a little?) and i get you. we’re borderline obsessed with our kiddos too.

don’t settle for the boring family portrait

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Jen Fox Photography Logo | Bellingham Washington

they dig it

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“you are a crazy magician”

Wow Jen! You are a crazy Magician! These are absolutely gorgeous! I can’t thank you enough for capturing my family in this way. It was everything I hoped it would be.




the thing is, life is moving at warp speed and you can’t remember when that superman curl that grazed his forehead grew out. and heaven help you when they ask fr babyhood details cause it’s all a little foggy. but what is super clear is how hard you love them.

let’s create photos that will take them back to that over and over.