{5 burners}

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the kelling's built a new home last year, and as you can imagine there are lots of choices to make. since erika and i worked across the parking lot at the time, there were lots of lunch runs to stare at appliances or doors or cabinets or... yeah, you get the idea. one agonizing decision for them was the stove. shane is the main cook in the house and he "settled" for just 5 burners. i don't cook. so i thought that this was ri-diculous! i made in known that i expected weekly dinners where all the burners were in use. :) it took almost a year for the first production! i took my new fancy point and shoot and spent my anniversary having my "husband" cook for me while my husband was in the sea somewhere! not only were all burners in use, the oven and warming oven too. it was a fabulous meal. :)

but shane's feeling after all that work? "never happening again" :)