{catching up}


my mom came over and left a treat on the counter with a note... "happy 1 month home!" i can't believe trev has been home a month already. it's been a whirlwind. some might say we have been making up for lost time! 

a little run down: 1. manda made a rad sign for the airport 2. a shot of us soaking up seattle our first few days 3. trev's dreams come true! 4. an awesome welcome home bbq with friends and family 5 & 6. a long weekend trip to ohio for my cousin's wedding! what was so cool was that trev's parents met us too - it was quality fam time - trolly tour and the football hall of fame to keep everyone entertained 7 & 8. our first 'normal' weekend - i missed that trev just picks up flowers for no reason! and he was pretty jazzed to spend a sunny afternoon washing the new car 9. mom's note

most people have heard this story but i'm going to share anyway. :) trev had a small check list when i met him. i had to be ok that he was in the military -  it would effect our life together (i really wasn't prepared for how much!) and i had to be ok that he would one day have a bulldog named tonka... 

meet tonka. born april 16, 2009 - the same day trev came home from iraq


we had visitation sunday evening. he is now a month old and obviously over the top cute... enough to convert this non dog person. don't worry, i'm pretty sure you'll get lots of updates once he's home! ;)