diy, gallery wall

lots of little projects have been going on here to make this place feel like home for the next 3 years. i was pretty excited to have all this wall space! first thing to tackle was a gallery wall i've had in my head. all the frames (minus one) are aaron brothers from past "buy one, buy one for a penny" sales. most had to be spray painted white. the little shelves where 10 bucks at target - you know i LOVE that place. i suckered my mom into shipping a paper mache letter to me. can you believe?! no joann's?! i wrapped it with yarn, a great no sew/no glue project. most of the frames had come with matts that didn't match, so i created digital borders for my images to save $. i also created the abc print in photoshop. the belling-van print i picked up at digs last winter - it makes my heart so happy! i wanted to find some unconventional ways to display images, enter cork and masking tape! more projects to come.



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