oh there is so much to share from the last week. trev and i took some time off and we started our vacation whirlwind by meeting up with the kelling's and zalubil's a couple satudays ago. it's fun that jenn, erika and i have made it a point to get together at least once a year. this year it was with all of us in seattle. we started at the seattle aquarium and then after lunch we peeked around the market a bit. 91blog1.jpg


this was the first attempt at a group picture... i had to include it for entertainment purposes!


bubba hamin' it up for the camera as usual.


a little better, huh?


i love that smile on his face, i am so lucky.

there was a line up at the "nemo and dora" tank and i've never seen an octopus that giant. trev got to see pike's place full of flowers for the first time. it was a fantastic day and it totally wiped us out. i even napped on the way home!