{he has his daddy's scowl}

i keep telling walker those lines are going to stick! a shot from some one month pictures. i can say at least i've shot our little man quite a bit - i know that's more than most photographers can say! but actually look at the images is another story. ;) thought i'd post a few before client's images become my priority when i have computer time. back at the game tomorrow and i'm super excited.

so many shots of him i love and as i'm shifting through, my babe is sleeping, which means i should not waste a valuable opportunity to sleep too! must stop and share only a few...


he has the best faces, he looks like a different bean in so many...


(i think he gets just as annoyed at the dog as i do!)

and i have to share this sweet thing before i let you go...


last week we were out - my mom was subbing in her old room (she taught for 20 some years in this room) and hinted that she would love a visit. the kinders loved mrs. shore's show and tell so much! but i didn't know how much until today. a little guy has been saving this favorite shirt since he was two and insisted that he pass it down to walker. oh, the heart of a kiddo - just knocks ya over, and melts you to a puddle!

life, minejen