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we met up at magic island on a sunny (shocking) evening. what we didn't expect was the intermission for a little rain. but thank God for it because that rainbow isn't photoshop, people. we couldn't have asked for a better scene in the backdrop. these babies were born on island, and how cool for them to look back on what life was like when they were little. i hope they also see how madly they are loved with these photos and how their parents fit together like puzzle pieces.

i miss looking forward to monday mornings. heather was also my date night sitter buddy - we would trade watching each other's babes while the other couple got a night off. a less expensive date and the kiddos were already super comfortable with the "sitter". i look forward to telling sloane about the first time we left her for an evening and how she took it out heather. ;)  i also hold dear that i got to rock that chunk of a boy to sleep and watch that silly little lady's imagination take off. so thankful.

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