{my t'j}

thomeblog.jpg i know the timeline is debatable but after 7 weeks without him (just 2 days short... i'm giving myself credit for 7!) he's home. i thank God for getting us through but even more for bringing him home.

right now he's doing this...


that's right... fantasy football draft. manda came over to play assistant manager and they are quite a team. speaking of the sibling bond, we did this on sunday...

thomeblog3.jpg {this one taken with manda's p&s belle}

a little dinner visit on duty day. while we got the vip tour, manda needed to go through the mini escape hatch. it was my first time on the ship and it was nice to see where this navy thing takes my husband. (yes, manda, i called him husband. to the moon and back!) anyway... this is what i've been up to... soaking up some q.t.! babe, i thank God for these next 3 weeks... you make me smile even when i really don't want to, you make thinking of tomorrow thrilling and you are my better together. welcome home, gorgeous, i love you.