pow wow

coming home today i got to thinking about summer camp. i had a counselor one summer that every evening we would go around the room and share the best thing (wow) of our day and one not so good thing (pow). what got me thinking about this? first pow...

  • coming north on i-5 after burlington - why is it that no one wants to go the speed limit? i feel like speed racer! then as soon as it goes to 60, cars are crusin' by me. oh my, it irritates me! (and not picking a speed. cruise control, people)
  • i am a super recycler. i will take things out of the garbage to recycle. i could do a ton more, i know. but at the fairhaven farmers market i saw a cloth feminine product... not.going.to.do.it.
  • my little man's sleep schedule. he is king of the power nap. we're talking even 5 minutes is enough to go for another 2!

and a few wows

  • the farmers market - we hit both saturday's and wednesday's this week. priceless - both watching manda's boyfriend learn to hulu hoop and sitting in the fairhaven green with a good friend.
  • sleeping 10 WHOLE hours - thank you grandma!
  • walker finding his toes. oh, how i think it's the most, to die for, adorable thing! he turned 4 months last week and is a pretty big ham in front of the camera already...

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