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manda... are you jealous?




... our first date. friday we started our vacation by me flying to san diego. trev picked me up from the airport just like he did this same weekend two years ago. our first shared meal was at bj's where we had to take in a pazooki (half chocolate chip half peanut butter cookie baked like a deep dish pizza with heaps of vanilla ice cream!) to commemorate. we stayed in the same hotel... same room this time... :) before our flight on saturday morning we hit broken yolk cafe, a fabulous breakfast place down in pacific beach. the best part? the hot chocolate. we also passed by the denny's we hit in the last hours of our first date. we took our one and only picture together that whole weekend in the car of that parking lot... so we recreated that too. i'll have to post the original pic when we get home and i can find it. i know some of you are throwing up a little from all the cheesiness... you're welcome... :) we're in michigan now, hangin' with trev's fam. there will be some down time and i have fun sessions to share so check back!