the daily. sitting up

walker 5.5 months and micah 6.5 months

do you read this blog? so many reasons i love it. gorgeous images. just the kids being kids (although hers are always super stylin' and her house is very photogenic-plus the light!). AND i love that it's just an image or few at a time. a quick read for me is all i have time for these days. but also? it inspires me. not only to shoot my kiddos but to actually download the pics! i pick my camera at home pretty often (not as much as with the first baby of course) but i rarely do anything with the images. so it's time. let me see if i can actually follow thru. ;)

welcome to "the daily" - pictures of our day to day.

update: i've been challenged to blog 30 days in a row! manda... i know you'll keep me accountable. ;)

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