the latest

change is coming to the blog and such soon. exciting stuff, but also work to find the time to make those changes happen! w is on the move and i can say that while it keeps me busy, it's also a relief. at least now i can get a whole room vacuumed in one shot. i have to be careful not to knock the little man out, but at least it gets done. ;) these images represent the "tricks" he's preforming this week. pointing: if it's at something in a book, it's a point but for all other things it's kind of a vanna white move... like he's presenting. in the first shot he's saying, "mom, the pretty girl with curls is having fish crackers with me" that or "the black box is out again and i would rather touch it than be in front of it".

walk likes to "nuzzle" things. here he is nuzzling the pretty girl, which is sweet and cute. other times he's nuzzling my feet or the fire place - which is a little strange. oh, and the dog... i guess that's sweet - as long as it's not too close to the slobber.

next is an example of his genius. he get's shape sorters but still working on the twisting and turning it takes to get them to fit. however, with this one, he has out smarted it. just flip them upside down and they totally fall right in place.

and wherever w is, tonka is close behind. behind? yeah.

life, minejen