{time out}

i've been mia... i know. some may think i've run out of blogging material! that is far from the truth. :) i shot up a storm in the beginning of the month, so i have a TON to share. but trev got to come home for 9 days and life came to a screeching halt so that i could soak up every second with him! he has spent over 2 months training in new jersey and we were blessed to have this time before he heads overseas for 9 months. i can't begin to tell you how overwhelming it feels when he's gone... or how the thought of the length of time makes me nauseous... but i can tell you, God has answered my prayers and much much more with the gift of this man.

this is the "i'm in love with you" look. makes me melt.

no one loves you like i do, my t'j. you are my forever, my better together... always.