walker update | happy 1/2 birthday!

6 months this past tuesday. can you believe it? walker rang in the big day by being up all night with his first fever and case of the crap. poor kiddo. we postponed our big shoot (thanks bets for being flexible!) but i had to have our monthly crate pic - and i can see it but i bet you couldn't tell he only slept a few hours the night before, huh?

but he didn't last long ;)

15 second wagon ride back to the car and he looked like he wasn't gonna make it...

turning 6 months meant cereal! while he thought it was seriously over rated the first go round, the first minute in his daddy's high chair went over ok.

while we're at it, i'll share more from the last month. w has gotten some quality time with his auntie which makes him happy, as you can see:

and some extra time with daddy - super thankful for that.

he as learned some new tricks - 1. launching himself from the bumbo

2. sitting up like a rock star (that is not a look of pride - it's his "i love tonka" face)

just cause he's cute when he yawns

he had his first hair trim!

which was perfect timing for family pictures. i had the honor of photographing maggie's sister's wedding in los angeles. (more to come) maggie spoiled us by taking time out of her maid of honor duties to play with us on the beach. here's one i LOVE that she didn't post - this image means the world to me.

it feels good to get some dust off my personal folders of pictures! i did not get the super mom gene where you accomplish long lists of to do's everyday. ;) but i can say that i soak this awesome little man up! and thanks to grandma, do my best keeping up with work. you can see how he could be a distraction.

life, minejen