I'm Jen

It's so stinking rad you're here. Thanks for stopping by. It would literally make my day if you cozied up to the screen and got to know me and what I do.

Cheesy as it is, it's the small things that make me happy. Like the hubby and I meeting on the couch after bedtime to binge watch episodes of our current TV obsession. Or hearing all three babies giggling together (yea? rare magical stuff right there.). It's getting off the phone with a girlfriend feeling like we've solved all the world's problems. Those are the things that MAKE LIFE RAD.

My memory has always been a little foggy. (and foggier with the arrival of each baby - parasites I tell you!) So photos are like my highlight reel. I need them to recount my memories. I'm addicted to reliving those moments of joy. That is where my passion come from - I get to make life still.

I've had the honor of photographing people's lives for over 15 years... and I still love it with my whole heart. I want nothing more than for you to love your photos, and even more... For you to love the feeling that comes from looking at them.