{happiest place...}

some shots mostly from the point 'n shoot. be prepared to puke just a little bit... :) we started our first morning at goofy's kitchen. linda and family introduced me to this place when i joined them a couple times... SO much fun, even if you don't have kids... or aren't one... which is debatable. peanut butter and jelly pizza, how fun is that?

while between rides of space mountain (my fav) trev kicked my butt trying to take down zurg.


do you see the concentration it takes to make me sick on the kiddy ride?

"f" "o" "x" and a shot that i think screams us, on the right.

eating a mickey ice cream for pam :)

just one of the classic ride shots taken from the screen... this one from tower of terror where trev laughed out loud the entire time!

yes... we are that couple...

the trip was fantastic and just what we needed. i am completely blessed to have had this time with trev and thankful that he planned it for me. we laughed a lot which is a total gift. thank you for all your prayers and well wishes. trev has landed and is settled in norfolk, please keep him on your list!

babe, i love you. thank you for your forever.