{last hurrah}

this is our small group and we are totally blessed to have them. we had a wonderful hang out night last night... a small last hurrah for the year while trev is gone.

trev and i are headed out today for our own last hurrah for a year. what better way than spending a couple days at the happiest place on earth! trev planned a get away for us and i am so flippin' excited! remember this post? the last time i was in disneyland, it was the same weekend i met this man:

and my life has never been the same, nor better.

after our first date i hopped on the greyhound and met some friends to play here:

i can't wait to be there with trev. we're going to have a blast! so much to blog so in the next couple weeks it will a plethora of eye candy! come back and check it out :)